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10-31-2013 008

Yard Art or Not?

We live in rural central Colorado near the town of Buena Vista.   On one of the roads into town there is a house with all kinds of junk scattered around in the front yard.  It looks like a junkyard and, in my opinion, is a monumental eye sore.  Evidently the neighbors adjacent to them feel it is too as they erected a hefty 8-foot wooden fence along the property line.    There are the hulks of several old rusty cars and dozens of other discarded items in the rather vast collection.  Recently, it was the topic of conversation between a neighbor and myself, and my neighbor sarcastically referred to it as “yard art!” 

I suppose the adages “one person’s trash is another person’s  treasure” or “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can be applied here.   But I don’t know, it still looks like a pile of junk to me!

Now, I have seen, what I would call, some pretty cool “yard art” over the years, and I am not referring to the garish plastic pink flamingos that occasionally dot the landscape of suburban neighborhoods.  For example, our neighbor has a nifty steel buck deer mounted on a stone base that sits among the pinon trees.  The first year it was there,  I mistook it for the real thing numerous times!   I have seen other creative presentations from artfully decorated bird baths, to logs carved and fashioned into bears and other animals, old wooden wagon wheels, old farm implements colorfully decorated and integrated into the landscape and many more, all of which I would most definitely classify as tasteful “yard art.”

Speaking of yard art and  farm implements, just inside the entrance to our little rural village sits a relic of a day gone by.   It just appeared there among the stately ponderosa and abundant pinons a few years ago.  The first time I saw it I exclaimed, “What is that?”   The next fifty times I drove past it I silently mumbled, “What is that darn thing anyway?  Who put it there and why?”   I asked  around and nobody seemed to know anything about it.  At least a year went by, and I finally found out what the ghastly thing is.  I hate to say it,  but it’s a manure spreader. (pictured above)  Yep, that’s right, a manure spreader is the first human made thing you see as you drive past the entrance of our beautiful village nestled at the foot of the majestic 14er Mt Yale, a mountain of the dazzling Collegiate Peaks, located in the awesome Sawatch Range of the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains.  In this incredible setting of nature, our village features a rusty old manure spreader at the entrance!

To this day, I still don’t know from where it came, who is responsible for it or why it is there.  However, as time has gone by my attitude about it has changed.  One thing it has done for me is serve as a reminder of something Jesus said, “Do not judge so that you may not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1)   I mean, who do I think I am to judge others whose lives may be decorated with anything from piles of junk to pink flamingos when I live in a village that is known for having a rusty old manure spreader proudly displayed at its entrance.    I have come to the conclusion that it serves as a daily visible reminder for me to not spread around my own share of stinky judgmental manure upon others in this very diverse world in which we all live.    The world is already buried under mountains of that manure.

Why is it seemingly easier to spread the manure of discord that sow the seeds of harmony?


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  1. Rod Schofield


    Another great posting. This makes you the official TWV historian. We know you’ll wear that mantle well.


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