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Sometimes It’s Good Not to Have A Camera
South Park Sunset

On  Wednesday we were driving back to Buena Vista across South Park just before and after sunset.  It was positively one of the most beautiful  skies I have ever seen.  From horizon to horizon, north to south and east to west the sky was a conflagration of color.  A part of what made it so amazing was the wide variety of clouds present in the sky.  There were cirrus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus,  stratocumulus, altocumulus and cumulus in different sections of the sky.  (Some of you know I’m a weather nut)  Each type of cloud, its texture and location in the sky, was refracting subtle shades of red, orange, yellow and violet.  To top it off, in the latter stages of the fading color, like a ghostly figure  appearing out of the fog, the almost full moon rose and emerged through a thin veil of clouds along the mountainous eastern horizon.  It was truly magnificent!

Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me which, at first, irritated me.  Drat!  Those of you who are my Facebook friends know my passion for a good sunrise or sunset as I post photos of them regularly.

After darkness set in, and we were headed down the highway through Trout Creek Canyon toward Buena Vista, I got to reflecting about the experience.  I realized that it was OK that I didn’t have my camera, maybe even a good thing!  The camera could have easily gotten in the way of me embracing the experience as fully as I did.  If I would have had the camera, I would have been fussing over getting the right camera settings or capturing just the right shot rather than fully embracing and deeply internalizing the wondrous experience.  The camera would have captured a piece of the visual experience, but it could not have captured the profound emotional, and even spiritual experience, that glorious sunset ignited in my inner being.   I became aware that the most important thing was the deep sense of wonder and awe that was instilled in my soul that I cannot describe in words and could have never been captured in a photo.

Sometimes it is good not to have the camera.  Sometimes technology just gets in the way.

Can you think of times when technology got in the way of you experiencing something more fully and deeply?


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