Be In The Moment – Let Go of the Past

Have you ever had the experience that something creative you did in the past was lost because someone came along and undid it in some way?   I have had that experience numerous times in my life.   Every time it happens I have to remind myself, AGAIN, to let go of any ego investment I might have in the past, and be about focusing on the present as to how I can apply my creative gifts and abilities right now!   Doing that propels me forward with dynamic energy – Spirit energy!  The other generates negative energy that drags me down and bums me out!   I am amazed at how easily I can lose myself in what was, rather than finding myself in what can be.

The amazing thing about Jesus is that he was always in the moment, no matter how badly people tried to undermine what he had done.   He healed, loved inclusively, fed the hungry and advocated for the poor and excluded, and there were those who vehemently tried to undo all that he had done.  But yet even so, it never discouraged him from  being fully in the moment and pressing ahead: healing, loving, feeding and advocating – until his last breath.

Jesus said, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the Kingdom of God.”  (Luke 9:62)  I perceive this is a huge part of the meaning behind his words.   The Kingdom of God is about now and the endless possibilities of what can be, not yesterday and what was! 

Jesus showed us that this way is the most fulfilling, joyous and authentic way to live.  We are more fully alive when we are in the present moment and have let go of the past.



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  1. Janice Baumgartner

    Pastor Joe, I think you were speaking directly to me with this one! Thanks – I love getting your posts, and hope you continue writing them for a long time. Janice B.


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