Today I noticed this tree growing directly on the rim of Bryce Canyon.  It got me thinking.  For me, it serves as a living symbol of hope and perseverance.  Like the tree, our lives are uniquely shaped by many external forces.  For the tree, it is the multiple elements of nature to which it is relentlessly subjected.  For me, it is everything from agony to ecstasy, success to failure, joy to sorrow, health to illness and much more.

But there is also a powerful internal Life Force that has as much to do with the shaping of the tree as the external forces.   As the two forces interact, the tree emerges as something totally unique.  There is no other tree quite like it on the earth.

For me, the tree is a symbol of hope and perseverance.  There are many external forces that attempt to discourage and defeat me.  But yet, the miraculous internal Life Force that I call God, Spirit or any number of other things interacts with the other forces to create a unique being that tenaciously holds on to life and lives a purposeful life to the fullest no matter the circumstances.

When I get down and discouraged, this tree will serve as a symbol of perseverance and hope.

That is one of the deep meanings of the cross of Jesus – sometimes referred to as “The Tree of Life.”


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