First, Faith Is Not A Doctrine   
by Joseph Holub

First, faith is not a doctrine or an openly stated creed,
but courageous love in action to embrace another’s need.
Love clothes the naked, feeds the hungry and soothes the lonely heart;
to the sorrowed love brings comfort, and it welcomes those apart.
Strive for justice, extend compassion as advocates for peace.
As Christ has done, we can now too; trust, the kingdom will increase.

To follow Jesus takes courage – commitment ever-more;
as the world scoffs and mocks, our humanity will soar.
The path of true self-giving is Jesus’ love campaign;
in the paradox of losing, a new self is born again.
“Follow me,” he speaks so boldly to friend and yet enemy.
It’s on the path of mercy, we gain new eyes to see.

People waver and do wonder if it’s a likelihood
that the world’s shards and fractures can be turned from bad to good.
Only love embedded deeply in the human state can gain
the reconciliation needed to allay the dreadful pain.
First, faith is not a doctrine or an openly stated creed,
but Christ-like love in action to heal the world’s great need.

Text Copyright  ©  2014 Joseph A. Holub


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