On Hiking In The Mountains

08-16-2016 010a

As I hike a secluded mountain trail, I take pause to catch my breath, not merely to oxygenate my depleted blood in the rarefied air, but because my breath has surely been taken away by the resplendence that surrounds me from the snow-capped peak that brushes the sky, to the columbine and lupine that shower the forest floor in their majestic purples and blues. The placid mountain lake reflects a peace for which my soul most deeply longs.

The ground squirrel scurries on its never-ending foraging quest. The marmot lazily suns on a boulder at timberline. The sure-footed goats and sheep ascend to risky height and precipice where I would never dare venture.

Ah yes, as I ascend to the heights of timberline my lungs labor and legs ache, but my heart soars with ecstasy! My spirit is lifted as the rising thermals race past me into the expansive wild blue beyond carrying my imagination along to lofty heights.

I then realize I’ve walked through a portal of time-warp where I see, smell, touch and hear as things were in countless eons past. My heart is filled with fathomless gratitude. My soul is saturated with rapturous awe. An abiding respect is kindled by it all and for it all. When I finally descend, physically and emotionally, I come down a little different person.



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