We spent the last week with our son and his family.  We have two grandchildren, Jace (4) and Dylan (18 months).  Inevitably the conversation always gets around to inheritance.  Who does each look the most like?  Who’s personality does each reflect the most?   You know how this goes.   The fact of the conversation got me reflecting, and it reminded me of a poem I wrote some years ago I call, “I Am Inheritance – and More!”

I Am Inheritance – and More!

O blessed inheritance, you carry me to ecstasy.
O cursed inheritance, you drag me to deepest despair.
From tenacity to neurosis,
from compassion to compulsion,
I ride you like a raft in white-water
through times of exhilaration and fear,
fulfillment and apprehension.

I look deep within my being and see that I am inheritance.
From my father this and my mother that;
from ancestors unknown and long before
are planted the compatible and conflicting aspects of my being.
I am made up of the miraculous complexity of generations;
the blessings and curses, joys and sorrows of people and days gone by.
I am inheritance.

Yet, I am much more than the sum of past parts.
I am beautifully reconstituted by a Master Artist
using the raw materials of inheritance and something more
to create a unique being, one-of-a-kind
the likes of never seen before.
I am inheritance
– and more! 

How I will I use that which has been bequeathed to me!
Will I explore the mystery of it and
discover its creative uniqueness and singular qualities?
Will I seek and use its strengths to the fullest?
Will I willingly embrace the weaknesses
to see how they can be transformed from liabilities to assets?

I have received a bequest from the Source of my being,
gifts and qualities embedded within me,
latent possibilities waiting to blossom into magnificence.
I am inheritance – and more!


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